Useful in the Hand of God

Is is your desire to be useful to God?…”The day must come when our strength to do good and our ability to serve God are broken.” (Watchman Nee)

How’s Your Walk?

There is nothing so pathetic as the flesh trying to be holy! It’s that religious bent in us, a perverted attempt to be righteous without or even for God.

Join a Prayer Team

…if you’ve read the Bible I don’t have to convince you of the importance of prayer. I’m asking you to do something that will have eternal consequences.

More good news from Texas

We went out with 4 teams, knocked on 70 doors and had 32 doors answered. But here is the kicker – 81% of people let us pray for them! That’s 26 out of our 32 encounters that let us pray for them!

Changed Lives

What many of us have prayed for and longed for most of our adult lives is now beginning to come to pass in the land of our birth. A mostly younger, passionate core of Christ followers, not shaped by our traditional western church structures and habits, are seeing the beginning of disciples multiplying in America.